Sustainable Energy

Ceremony Gıda utilizes solar energy as a sustainable power source.


Operating with eco-conscious production processes that utilize natural energy sources is a top priority for us. At Ceremony Gıda, we embrace our commitment to environment-friendly and sustainable technologies at every step. That's why we have taken a significant step towards harnessing solar energy

Sustainable Energy Use

We have the opportunity to benefit from the renewable energy of the sun by installing solar panels on the roof of our production facilities. This demonstrates our commitment of sourcing a significant portion of the energy used in our production processes from sustainable sources. Utilizing solar energy not only helps us reducing the carbon emmision, but energy costs.

Natural Resources and Energy Efficiency

Through this initiative, we emphasize our determination to conserve natural resources and prioritize energy efficiency. While providing you, our valued customers, with the highest quality products, we remain mindful and responsibile towards our environment. By generating energy through our solar panels, we try to do our part in protecting the earth.

Respect For The Environment

We have added this development to our website to communicate our commitment to sustainable energy usage. We take pride in sharing the steps we have taken to protect our environment. We are excited to embark on an eco-conscious future, utilizing solar panels that reflect our love for the environment and our dedication to green energy for the incoming generations.

Sustainable Future

We look forward to continue our journey with innovative and environmentally friendly practices in the future, as we strive towards a greener and more sustainable technologies.