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A company that adds value to production and technology

High-quality and delicious chewing gum processed with sophisticated machineries.

About Us

Ceremony Food Industry and Trade Inc. decided to invest in the production of Sugar Free Strip Gum In 2013. Created its entire infrastructure in 2014 and started production in December 2014 as a 100% domestically owned company of Turkey.

With our company's 30 years of knowledge and high-tech equipments in the confectionery industry, our distribution networks spreading to the Middle East, the Balkan countries, Africa, Europe, and Asia keep Ceremony Gıda in an assertive place in Gum Strip production and exports to this day.

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Export Countries

Our vision

    In addition to being the largest producer in the region, Ceremony Gıda offers high-quality products that are highly consumed with high-quality  refreshing flavors produced in 100% hygienic environments with sophisticated machineries.

Our History

  • 2013Establishment

    Ceremony Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was founded in 2013 and fully invested for the production of Sugar-Free Aspartame-Free high-quality Strip Gum.
  • 2014Infrastructure

    In 2014, we acquired 2 packaging lines for our company and started production as a 100% domestically owned Turkish company, completing all the infrastructure works. Since our establishment, we have been managed by an experienced team specialized in the production of high-quality chewing gum. While taking our first steps, we aimed to become a globally recognized brand and continued to offer our customers the best quality products.
  • 2015

    In 2015, to strengthen our position in the industry and increase our production capacity, we added 4 new packaging lines based on modern technology. This allowed us to make our production more efficient and provide faster service to our customers.
  • 2017 R&D And Packaging designs.

    Over the years, thanks to our R&D studies and innovative production methods, we have developed a product range enriched with multiple refreshing variant of flavors. To earn the trust of our customers, we have continuously focused on improving product quality and packaging designs.
  • 2018

    In 2018, we put the 5 new packaging lines that were acquired in 2017 into operation, making our production more efficient and enabling us to provide faster service to our customers.
  • Export Network

    The company management has strengthened its position in the production and export of gum strips through its 30-year accumulation of knowledge and experience in the confectionery industry. Thanks to this expertise and advanced equipment, Ceremony Gıda has established an extensive export network covering the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa, Europe, and Asia. The company's commitment to quality has enabled us to achieve a strong presence in both local and international markets
  • 2021

    With our innovative production methods and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we have emerged as an innovative company in the production of Sugar-Free Gum Strips. As Ceremony Gıda, while continuing to offer our customers healthy and delicious chewing gums, we made the decision to add a new product line by acquiring a soft candy production line in 2021. We are determined to further develop and maintain our distinguished position in the industry. Furthermore, with the aim of utilizing sustainable energy sources, we made an investment by acquiring 4005 solar panels. This move reflects our commitment to embracing renewable energy solutions and contributing to a more sustainable future.
  • 2022

    In 2022, we added one more chewing gum production line to our main production, and within the same year, we acquired a line dedicated to dragee chewing gum production. With these investments, we increased our product variety and gained the opportunity to offer customers more choices. In 2023, we will commence dragee chewing gum production, continuing to bring our high-quality and diverse products to our customers.
  • 2023

    Ceremony Gıda started producing soft candy in 2023 and expanded its product range to include high-quality delicious treat. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we are proud to announce that we have entered a new chapter of soft candy manufacturing. With our expertise and experience in the food industry, and our unwavering commitment to quality, we are excited to offer our customers a delicious new additions to our product range.
  • As Ceremony Gıda, we will continue to uphold our commitment to innovation and quality, ensuring that we offer the best products to our customers in the future. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a globally recognized and beloved brand, further strengthening our leadership in the industry while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.